For those who have been watching TV since the days of the Village Headmaster, the name Tunde Alabi, will certainly ring a bell, as he was one of the regular characters in the now rested TV series.

But the trending news on the old thespian is that, he’s laying critically ill at the Lagos General Hospital, with one of his leg set for amputation in other to save his life.


Mr Alabi, who is said to currently have no home, money or anybody to help him, except for few colleagues like Paul Julius is even on the verge of being evicted from the hospital because he has no money to sustain his stay in the hospital and for further treatment.


According to sources close to him, the veteran actor has been battling diabetes for years with no treatment because of lack of money. All efforts to seek for help from different quarters have proved abortive.

However, in the bid to safe the thespian life, actor and movie director, Paul Julius and a few others have decided to cry out for help.


‘If there’s a better word to use in the place of veteran, then that should come for this old war horse in the world of make believe. Uncle Tunde Alabi has been on the acting scene since the glorious days of television drama in Nigeria and he’s today one of the last remnants of that octopus called The Village Headmaster, a television drama that was the in – thing in its days on National Television. His role in the now rested soap opera ‘PALACE’ produced by Ralph Nwadike was one that viewers will not forget in haste. This thorough breed professional of the old order who is equally at home with the youngsters of today, impacting knowledge and valuable experience into them whenever he has the opportunity is currently down with ailment which has put his right foot in danger to the point of amputation if urgent help is not given. He’s lying helplessly at the General Hospital, Lagos waiting to lose his right leg or even worse. He has done his part by putting smiles on the faces and happiness to the lives of millions home and abroad, it’s our turn to help him. Nothing is too small…HE will appreciate your candid help. Thanks and God bless




  1. And where are those arrogant actors and actresses who flaunt expensive jewelries, clothes, bags, cars, houses & lifestyle like crazy? They can’t even help or pray for their colleagues. Na wao! Its really sad. May God help Tunde in Jesus name. Amen

    • Yes ooo only God knows d source of dia money dey dnt help each other at all only to show dia expensive bag. Shoe, weave on, car and house. Dat how elder Maya died recently no help, now Leo mezie is sick two kidneys has failed need help no response frm any and wen dem die u will see all of dem at stadium doin candle night pretending even pouring out crocodile tears yeye full dia yansh

    • Well spoken my dear. It’s so terrible. I wonder if they ever read the scriptures to know that all is vanity upon vanity. I really felt for Elder Maya. May his soul rest in peace. Leo is going through extreme hardship and pains & all i see is a heartless group of fake colleagues. God will judge them

  2. His a great and an old actor. Take him to Synagogue Church of all Nation. The arena of Liberty. Jesus heals and forgive. My question is, where are the children? I have my reasons for asking this question. Everybody has morning, afternoon and evening. Some people, especially Men. When they are in money, they will not take good care of their children and their family. Instead of caring for their children they lavishly spend their money for beer and sot of selfish enjoyment. Responsible person must have a responsible family. In the other hands. Let them take him for prayers and deliverance. No sickness God can’t heal. Jesus is the greatest physician and his the healer.


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