A viral video of a Catholic Church in Ojo, Lagos flooded by the heavy rainfall on July 3, 2024, has raised eyebrows as Nigerians call attention to the importance of proper flood management.

The video shared by a church member revealed the entire worship center was swamped with water including the church’s sacred altar, which was covered in flood water after the heavy downpour.

According to the church member, this is the first time the church will encounter a huge flood and he laments over the harmful effect of the flood on technical equipment.

The man noted that with the heavy flood, it is dangerous to switch on electrical appliances to avoid electrocution.

As expected, netizens have generated varying opinions about the heavy flood in the church as many opined that the heavy flood in Lagos was caused by the failure of the environmental ministry to take proactive measures to control the drainage system.

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@Mr_Obj1 This is st.patrick Ojo Alaba

@CroBender The same problem year in year out but they choose to focus more on steeze and chasing shadows

@MayorWarri Sir, the flooding is not all about the impacts climate change, but the continuing failures of Lagos State to have effective flood management plan in place. Water must find its water. It is the responsibility of govt to predict, prevent, prepare, & manage flood when it occurs

@WATERISLIF It’s high time we clear our waterways ourselves. No need to wait for the Government before we do the needful

@lordMarshal20 Even church, flood no fear


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