A young man has been left completely devastated after his girlfriend ended their relationship.

In a trending video, the heartbroken young boy is seen crying profusely over the loss.

Although he didn’t go into details of why she ended things with him, he attached a photo of the lady who allegedly broke his heart in the video.

While sharing the video, he noted that he was tired of being jilted and having his heart broken.

“I’m tired of dating 💔😭,” he wailed.

Watch video below,

In other news, a Nigerian woman who left her cheating husband after only ten months of marriage has advised women not to stay with a cheating partner.

The woman, identified as @Toksyk27 on Twitter, took to the micro-blogging platform to give this advise on Sunday, March 21.

She said she would have dumped her husband two weeks into the marriage because their union was a nightmare but she stayed back due to their family intervention. However, she eventually mustered courage to leave after ten months.

Speaking from her experience, Toks advised women not to stay and endure infidelity and abuse in their marriages.

She tweeted,

“As a woman who left her cheating husband ten months into our marriage EYE am here to tell women you DON’T have to stay and endure. It would have been two weeks if not for family ‘intervening’. But I carry ZERO SHAME for enacting consequences to HIS ACTIONS,” she tweeted on Sunday, May 21, 2023.

“Will never forget waking up and realising my life was a bad Nollywood film. Thankful for the privilege and strength I had to make the choice to leave rather than stay and endure.”

“Still looking for the script writer who will bring my story to life so I can make some coins from the pain I lived through.”

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