There was a mild drama at the airport recently when a passenger confronted a cabin crew member, accusing him of stealing his bag of dried meat snack, popularly known as kilishi.

A video circulating on social media captured the moment when an altercation broke out after the passengers arrived at their destination in Lagos.

Upon reaching Lagos, tension heightened as one of the passengers discovered that his cherished bag of kilishi was missing.

According to the passenger, he had boarded the flight with the snack securely in his possession, but it appeared to have vanished during the journey.

He confronted one of the cabin crew members, insisting that he had stolen his bag containing the kilishi.

The crew member, who apparently wasn’t having it, told the man, “Get out of here! You are behaving like a mad person. Where is security?”

Despite the crew member’s response, the infuriated passenger refused to back down, continuously asserting that he had boarded the flight with his snacks.

“Who do you think you can slap? Give me my damn bag of kilishi because I checked it in,” the passenger loudly ranted.

Watch the video below,

In other news, a young man has taken to social media to share a story of how a couple, a man and his wife who are his neighbors were fighting over a fish head.

The young man who tweeted the incident said that his mother had to go separate the arguing married couple around two in the morning.

He said that the guy was upset with his wife because she had eaten the fish’s head while leaving him with the tail.

He tweeted;

“If I told you my parents settled a coupes fight around 2 am, the origin being that she ate the head of fish before he returned from work and served him the Tail, would you believe?”

This is why I keep hammering on socialization. Cos there is no way hormones or perceived naturality was responsible for the importance a 40+ man places on the head of fish.”

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