A Nigerian man has taken to social media to advise women to keep their chastity until marriage. However, it appears that his advice did not sit well with the majority of his Facebook followers.

The man, identified as Enoch Umaru in a post on his Facebook page on Tuesday, advised women to keep their virginity until marriage.

He compared women to products, noting that even new products bear the “Don’t buy if the seal is broken” warning.

His words, “Daughter, keep your virginity until marriage. Even on product, its written “Dont purchase if seal is broken”.

His post elicited mixed reactions on the platform. While many people, particularly males, agreed with him, others questioned why he restricted virginity to only women.

See his post and some comments it elicited as you scroll,

Meanwhile, a Twitter user has taken to the platform to opine that being a virgin doesn’t equate to being a good wife.

According to the user with handle, Nunga Burna @viewsdey, guys shouldn’t use virginity as a criteria to get a spouse but rather ensure they get a woman with good manners.

According to him, virginity ends in one night but good manners last forever. He wrote in a tweet,

“Virginity isn’t a license of good wife, don’t look at virgins as a wife, get a woman with good manners… Virginity ends in one night, but good manners last forever.”

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