Popular Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede has taken to social media to lament bitterly about period cramps even after child birth.

According to the actress, the pain that comes with her monthly period is unbearable and all she is waiting for is menopause.

Recounting the painful experience Yvonne revealed her body feels sore from the period cramps, and knocked off those who say period cramps stop when a woman gives birth.

“Who ever came up with that bs talk, “after a woman gives birth, her period cramp stops”. All I’m waiting for is menopause, this pain is getting unbearable. My entire body is sore. God help me”.

In other news, the stunning Nollywood actress and mother of one, Yvonne Jegede has finally admitted to undergoing surgery to make her body shape more curvy.

The actress revealed this during an Instagram live session with Mr Paul.

“Yes, I did surgery (liposuction) on my stomach after I had my son; so, that made me look curvier. I had the surgery here in Nigeria. I don’t have issues with anyone on earth; I do whatever I want with myself and body”.

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