The video of a new groom who refused to dance at his wedding ceremony, while issuing a stern warning to the MC not to cajole him into dancing, has gone viral on social media.

The wedding appears to have taken place somewhere in the Northern part of the country. Upon seeing the video, quite a number of netizens have shown concerned for the bride over who she’s getting married to.

Some were of the notion that she’s probably marrying into a no-fun marriage over how her husband reacted when he was called to dance.

Watch the video below,

In a recent report, the wedding ceremony of a supposed new couple was cancelled after the groom’s baby mama stormed the church claiming to be his original wife.

The groom identified as Solomon Ngukpam Uto and his bride, Charity Kpanyar Akuji, were about to be joined in holy matrimony on Saturday, April 17th, at the NKST Ifan, Makurdi, when a woman identified as Mnena Iwambe, stormed the church claiming to be the lawfully wedded wife of the groom and that the other woman is an intruder.

After several arguments, the church had no choice than to cancel the wedding for further investigation.

According to a report by Queen-Eva Doosh, the groom had impregnated both his intending bride, Charity, and Mnenna same period in 2005. The two women gave birth a month apart with Mnena bearing him a son in October, 2005 while Charity, the bride, gave birth to a baby girl in November same year.

Queen-Eva Doosh wrote,

“It was reported that the groom, Mr Solomon Uto deliberately refused to cater for Mnenna and their son, but took the responsibilities of his daughter and her mother, Charity, and decided to wed Charity on the ground that they are from same Konshisha local government”.

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