Nigerian actress, Monalisa Stephen has called out the legendary actor Olaiya Igwe for the unclad video he posted to pray for Bola Ahmed Tinubu, APC’s presidential candidate.

Olaiya Igwe whose real name is Ebun Oloyede shared a video of himself showering prayers for Tinubu ahead of the coming 2023 election while naked.

Monalisa posted the video on her instagram story and tagged it, mental illness.

According to her, Nigerians did not take mental illness seriously, that was why the veteran actor’s behavior was left unchecked and unbothered.

She wrote;
“We don’t take mental health issues serious in this country and it’s bad. Very bad
Daddy why?😭😭😭ema tori nkan temaje ba ojo Ola wa je . Ko daa oo. E ronu ojo te ma Ku. Ki le ma so fun Olorun te na ku?
Yoruba E ja ka Rooonuuuu. Ibanuje re eeee.😭😭😭
Esin reeee haaa daddy why?”

Translated to mean;
“Daddy why? Don’t let us destroy our future because of what we will eat. It is unfair. Think about the day you will die. What will you tell God when you died? Yoruba people let think. This is so sad. This is your horse haaa daddy why?”


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