A woman in dilemma seeks the public’s opinion on @couplestherapies as her church refused to wed her to her lover because she is divorced and they consider it a sin

The lady in question claimed she divorced her ex-husband because he was a narcissist and she was too young and naïve when she got married to make the right decision.

They however had children for each other and are co-parenting peacefully. She met her recent lover in her church and they grew to love each other.

However, when they decided to go one more step forward by getting married, the church refused to wed them, claiming she still had a husband and would therefore be committing adultery if she wed another.

This claim they say is biblical according to her post,

“…But the church is saying otherwise also with scriptural backing. A family member suggested we have trad. Court marriage and find a pastor to bless us we could do some garden themed marriage. I just don’t know I’m confused.”

The lady explained in her post that both parents were aware of their situation and in support of their marriage, but she is still unsure and seeking the advice of the public.

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