I started dating this girl in 2013 when she was still seeking admission. I was already done with school managing a little business for survival when she got admitted into the university. My plan was to get married to her if things went as planned.

A year after she gained admission, she started exhibiting some questionable characters which seemed hard to cope with. She started acting like she was too busy for me, she started replying cold to my chat, she no longer cared and a few to mention. Well, I wasn’t surprised because ladies often turn a new leaf the moment they get into the university and start having various toasters.

Though, I could read these were signs of possible break up due to the pressure from various suitors and perhaps, better offers. I tried to rekindle the fire of our love by having a heart to heart talk with her but all my effort seemed to be a waste.

Her strange attitude, which I could no longer cope with, persisted until I told her I needed a break hoping she would beg me and make things right. To my greatest surprise, she said was cool with it if that was what I wanted. We went separate ways for about 7 months after which we reconciled in April, this year. After a lengthy discussion blaming each other for our unseriousness and childishness, I inquired if she was still intact the way I left her and she told me she was. (Though, I would have confirmed that during cuddling but she was on her period that day)

She went home that day and later gave me a call back telling me she needed to see me the next day in order to make a confession. The moment she said it, I already knew she had lost it but I wanted to hear it from her mouth. She came the next day telling me she carelessly lost to a dude whom she wasn’t dating it barely a month after we parted ways.. I was so disappointed and sad that, how could someone I dated for one and half year without touching just throw herself to a man whom met just a month after to defile her.

She cried and pleaded for mercy and since forgiveness is from God, I forgave her even though I found it hard to get it off my chest. Now, I can still see some components of infidelity in her despite trying my best not to reminisce on the past. Though, I still love her but not as before and I no longer trust her like I used to do

Don’t you think it’s too risky to continue with a relationship considering the fact that the TRUST is gone already? Please am I wasting my time with this lady or I should let her go just to save myself from worry and nightmare?

Please your advice is highly needed

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