was chatting with my Mum’s friend one lovely afternoon, she has been with us for like 2 weeks now, married but she has Husband issues, you know most women around here are not enjoying their matrimony. Like they say “Nigerian Men Are Difficult to deal with”

So this particular afternoon we were just having the normal Mother-Son chat till she went all emotional on me, She went from Heartbroken woman to Inspirational Speaker real quick and ‘na me cause up’. It all began when she asked me this simple question, normally it shouldn’t be a big deal but… she took it P.

It all began when she asked me how my girlfriend is; I told her I don’t have any, just friends. Then she asked ‘what about Aisha’ I laughed out loud and I was who is Aisha? I’ve not even seen her since 2012. that is where I fucked up, I can remember telling her once that Aisha was the babe I was going to marry no matter what, I was stupidly in love then, she was my first love actually (you know how falling in love for the first time feels na, fucked up yeah? we will talk about it later)

That’s how she started with me, she gave me the story of how she met her husband, how amazing he was, how she left her other rich and handsome suitors to marry him.

She fucked up real bad, I used to think she married the man because she had no other option, didn’t know she had better options, I gave her this ‘you don fuck up’ face

She continued by saying it was not all her fault, she was blinded by Love and the deceit of Men.

She said the biggest you can make in life is marrying someone just because they love you or you love them, she even said Love should be the last thing to be considered in choosing your life partner.

I was confused as fuck, what should come first in choosing your Life partner, shouldn’t love be? As I was still trying to figure this out in my head, she continued with her story.

Before marrying her husband, she knew he had some bad characters, she thought she’d deal with them later in life, few months after marriage he stopped loving her for some reasons she can’t explain, He wouldn’t even listen to whatever she says, his character got worse, now her Life is a mess. According to her, she had suitors, with just the very best character, ideal men with best plans for her but she didn’t pick any of them because she loved her husband more.

Loving someone sometimes make you ignore their flaws, you see it as nothing, You know sometimes you love someone so much you are ready to deal with any bullshit they take you through… you love them so much that anything they do to you is right, you know you are the reason why they say Love is blind yeah?. How do we explain a situation where your Fiance beats you up or your Fiancee (for those their girlfriends beat) beats you up and you are still saying I Love him or her, Flee if you want to enjoy life.

So Brethren, what do you think should come first in choosing your Life partner?

Written By – inCognito Papi [Twiiter @inCognitoPapi]


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