A German woman married to a Nigerian man has taken to social media to lament after a lady said that her husband is with her just to acquire a passport.

Julia Nnebedum, a mother of two who is also known as Baby Oku Germany, recently shared a screenshot of a message she received from the woman.

The troll wrote;

“before you giving advice you should understand your man is with you because passport maybe now he get use to you and stop with that accent respect your self
stop embarrassing your self”

Reacting to the unwarranted comment, Baby Oku lamented the lack of humanity and love in her statement.

“This are the moments that makes me to question God. Where is the love? Where is the humanity? Chaiii ppl can be bad!,” she wrote.

See below,

In other news, popular Nollywood actress, Iheme Nancy, has taken to social media to reveal that she has not engaged in intercourse in the last 7 years.

The actress disclosed this in a recent post on her official Instagram page. Nancy lamented about the lack of coitus for the last seven years and asked netizens to come to her aid.

Nancy Iheme noted that due to the absence of intercourse, she doesn’t even know how to kiss anymore.

Sharing a video of herself looking downcast on her Instagram stories, she wrote, I have not had sex in the last 7 years; help me oooo. I don’t even remember how to kiss properly anymore. How do they even do it these days…”

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