Leolah Brown

Sister to the father of the daughter of Whitney Houston, who passed on recently, Bobbi Kristina, Leolah Brown (Lol. I hope you caught my drift there, thought i should spice up your Friday night a bit) has told Inside Edition that she believes that both Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina were murdered and that it was no accident or coincidence.

She said:

“This was no accident. I will never believe this was an accident… I believe that somebody killed my niece, just like they killed her mother.” “I believe that Whitney was murdered. At some point we have to wake up and realize this is too close, too similar – mother, daughter, both in bathtubs… Something is very, very wrong with that picture.”

She continued.

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“Nick murdered Bobbi Kristina. When Nick gets arrested, I think everything will fall like dominoes,”

Leolah says one of the possible reasons for killing them would be that people wanted access to Whitney Houston’s estate.

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