Cheaters Sleep

Lol. Some of the things cheaters go through when they are almost caught, i can almost relate to this, not that I’m a cheater but I’ve seen real life stories. Lol.

A man was left with no choice than to spend his night on the ledge of a seven storeys building after his lover’s husband came home unannounced.

People’s Daily Online tells the story; they reveal that the married woman’s lover was stuck between two air-conditioning units all night, during the bizarre incident in China.

It wasn’t until the unnamed woman’s husband went out to work the next day that she called firemen and asked for them to rescue him.
A local fire brigade spokesman said:

“Fortunately he had already dressed himself and was about to leave when the woman’s husband came home, and she had managed to persuade him to scramble out the window.”

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At first, the man claimed he could not remember how he got out onto the narrow ledge, but police eventually got the story from the woman.

She admitted she had brought the man home with her, not expecting that the husband would return early from a business trip.

“He had apparently been drinking a fair amount, and that probably gave him the courage to jump onto the ledge, but by the morning he realised it would be extremely foolish to attempt to climb back [into the flat].”

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