Controversial Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola, better known as Portable, has spoken on why he never hesitates to drag and call out anyone on social media who he feels has treated him unjustly.

The Zazu Zeh star, who has been involved in a number of social media dramas since his rise to fame, revealed why “he fights online” in a recent interview with media personality, Timi Agbaje.

You will recall that Portable has previously called out Nigerian celebrities the likes of Pocolee, Kogbagidi, Small Doctor, and, most recently, ace cinematographer TG Omori, to name a few.

He accused dancer and hype man Pocolee of attempting to hijack his hit song “Zazu Zeh” in 2021, as well as cornering money music icon Wizkid, who sprayed him at an event.

Recently, he called out his colleague, Small Doctor, accusing him of setting him up.

However, during the interview with Timi Agbaje, Portable explained that he’s involved in social media squabbles to prevent people from cheating him.

When Timi asked Portable why he fights online, he responded with a question: “Have you been ripped before?”

He then explained that he stands up for himself to avoid being deceived or exploited by anyone.

“As them rip you, una no talk, That’s why them dey rip you dey go don’t talk oh.” He added.

Watch him speak below,

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