The Lagos State Police Command has arrested one Ifunanya Eme for allegedly dumping her one- day- old baby girl.

Ifunanya, aged 31, and a single mother, claimed she dropped the baby to die in the bush as she had no means of feeding her.

“The man responsible for the pregnancy denied me. I was staying in Ajah, a Lagos suburb, but relocated to Ajamgbadi where I was offered a job in a factory. When I thought about losing the job, I made up my mind to dump the baby that has already put me in problem.

“The baby is a child of destiny because, I did not go for ante-natal throughout the pregnancy. The day I was in labour, I did not seek assistance from anybody. I went to the bush with a knife. I delivered myself of the baby and I used it to cut the placenta. In fact, I made up my mind that I must do away with the baby. I don’t want to be embarrassed in future by the baby who would ask of her father.

“The only thing I know is that the man who is responsible for the pregnancy told me he was traveling. Since that day till now, the phone number he gave me can’t be reached, she said.

A police officer who doesn’t want to be named said the baby was discovered by a passer-by who heard her crying and reported to the police.

He said the trace of blood was trailed to the a house,where the woman was found.

Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, said the command has taken custody of the baby.

He said,

“the baby was seen by the eagle eye the patrol team from Ajamgbadi Division. They picked up the baby during investigation, they were able to trace the mother. “The baby was taken to the hospital for examination and we will do the needful by sending her to the appropriate government agency for rehabilitation.”

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  1. Eeeyah….your reason is very touching,…abeg take the baby to motherless babies home and dump the mother inside jail.update me on the station where she dey make I comment again. you never marry at 31 you dey dump pikin. Fool

  2. A note to this baby in the future.Beautiful baby when u re fully grown (Teenager )you will hear story of how your mum dump you when you were a day old.yes! you will be angry,might be force to say ‘mum I hate you’please don’t judge her.Though what she did was so bad..she didn’t have option.when one is facing difficulty so many thing run through ones mind.please forgive the option she took (that’s dumping you) pray for her,love her she is your mother no matter what.if your daddy was a responsible human being and also stood by her everything would havebeen fine. Dear baby if you are a girl learn from her mistake but if u re a man don’t run away from your responsibility for what goes around surely turns around.#stay blessed#

  3. All I had to do was read the title to know whatever reason she gave wasn’t a good one. There IS NO good reason for leaving a baby to die. Plus she keeps changing reasons…1) I have no means to feed her (they’re called breasts) 2) The man responsible denied me (I think she means left her? Or refused to pay child support?) You made the decision to sleep with this man and are now carrying his baby. Yes, he should step up. Deadbeat dads are sadly everywhere but generally mothers don’t leave their kids to die because of it. It’s not the baby’s fault their father is a deadbeat and she shouldn’t be punished because her father is a jerk. 3) When I thought about losing the job I decided to dump the baby. Single mothers work all the time. 4) I don’t want to be embarrassed in the future by the child asking about her father. Get over yourself. You’re just a selfish, cruel person. I don’t know if there is adoption in your country, but there’s likely someone or some agency that would care for your child since you don’t want to. I reiterate….there is NO good reason to leave a child to die. I hope she gets prison time.

  4. She even took a very big risk by delivering by her self and cutting off the placenta with knife, Jesus!!! She must be a witch cos she gather mind oooo. Her health condition now is even in critical condition. But why not go to a any good church and seek for assistant instead of all u this nonsense. But men self can be so wicked. I pray the child is well taken care waa ooo

  5. There is no reason a Woman dat carry her baby nine good months, Pass so many pains during delivery will give to convince me dat is her reason to dump her baby, May God have mercy on u, U are a disgrace to motherhood But for d lucky Child Sky will be ur Limit. U will live long to posses ur possession

  6. She has no point at all at 31 nt15years old or dere abt n d man in question u go say u no see am or his background b4 u opened ur legs my dear go 2 jail cus mad woman b4 u go c d pekin collect u hv 2 pass true alot nt 2 talk of someone wth sense like u n pass through 9 months stress den y nt get rid of it dan bringing d child 2 d world n abandoning d baby were some r seriously in need of just one wat a pit GOD is great sha

  7. Hmmmmm m. U knew she’s a child f destiny wen u ditched her, ND u chose some stupid job over ur innocent child… For d record u already embarrassed urslf on social media ND beyond….. U would v worked harder…. It would v thought u to b independent.

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