Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, has reiterated her opinion on the man who insisted a young woman must be jailed for threatening to falsely accuse him of rape after receiving criticism from netizens.

Recall that Richard Osita made headlines recently after he revealed that his friend, Bella Nwoko, threatened to accuse him of rape because he turned down her sexual advances and also asked her to refund the money she owes him.

In a follow-up post, he revealed that he had reported the incident to the police, who had not taken him seriously.
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Uche responded to Richard’s post by advising him to quit being vengeful and to move on because his friend had simply threatened to accuse him but had not really done so.

Her opinion did not sit well with other celebrities and fans which led to an argument but she took to her Instagram page to share a video to explain herself better.

She called the girl foolish for implying that she might accuse the man of rape but insisted that she apologized and didn’t follow through on her threat.

Uche continued by claiming that the girl has not accused him of rape anywhere and that the man is the one making rounds talking about being charged with rape and that the girl be put in jail.

Watch her speak below,

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