A content creator, Alicia McCarvell, has responded to criticisms of her relationship online after trolls claimed she doesn’t deserve her husband because she is fat.

Alicia McCarvell and her husband became an internet sensation after an adorable love-up video of them was shared online. In no time, the video went viral and has garnered over 22 million views since it was shared online.

The transition video showed the couple standing in front of a mirror in their towels before getting dressed to attend a wedding together.

Although many of the comments that followed the video were positive, it didn’t stop trolls from making snide comments about the couple. McCarvell said she got comments from people telling her that she doesn’t suit her husband’s “beauty standard” because of the difference in their sizes.

She went on to narrate how a woman recently messaged her husband, Scott, and told him he should be with somebody who looks like her instead of his wife.

Addressing her critics in a video she shared online, she said,

“My video went viral, and I know we all know why. It’s because by beauty standards we don’t make sense. The world looks at us and immediately values Scott more than me. They say things like ‘oh, she must not have been fat when they met or oh, she’s got to be rich. Or they try to decrease his side of the equation by saying he must be gay, or he fetishes fat women.”

She noted that her body’s conformity to conventional beauty standards is “not on the top of his list” when it comes to her husband’ values.

In her word,
“He values my humour, my commitment and my love and my caring heart. None of these things that he values change if my body changes.”

Watch her speak below,

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