Supermodel cum actress, Faith Morey has reacted to a video of veteran actress, Joke Silva dressing up her husband, Olu Jacobs for his 80th birthday photoshoot.

Morey who stated that the couple have real love, also shared that growing old with the one you love is always a dream and she wished her marriage lasted long enough.

She also pointed out that divorcees and mostly women are at the receiving end of a failed marriage, before concluding that no one gets into marriage while thinking of divorce.

Faith Morey recently confirmed that marriage to her husband, Randy Morey has ended. The couple got married in 2010.

She wrote,

This is real love right here. Growing old with the one you love is always a dream. I wish my marriage lasted enough.

People mock divorcee and most of the time the woman is at the receiving end of a failed marriage but what most people fail to realize is that NO ONE goes into marriage ever thinking of divorce, we all think it’s TOGETHER FOREVER. I pray I get a forever soon.

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