A woman was attacked while jogging early on Monday morning, Jan 18.

As a result of the unexpected incident, People have been advised to be careful when jogging in the early hours on the said bridge.

The woman who was identified as Sike was left with a bruised face, broken finger and her sister said she was mugged and rough-handled.

A Twitter user with the handle @fit_iam wrote ;

Please, if you know anyone living in LekkiPhase1/Ikoyi and they love running/walking on the LEKKI IKOYI LINK BRIDGE (lately the streets lights are off)… Tell them to do there cardio when the day is Bright… Today by 5.40am.. we overhead a lady SCREAMING for help on the bridge.

Her sister then replied ;

It was my sister screaming! She was mugged and really roughed up. Traumatic. She screamed but no one helped. Everyone walked by like nothing was happening. I love humans.

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