A lad from South Africa has taken to her social media page to advise women to not sleep with people from Twitter after she had a bad experience with the father of her child, whom she met on the micro-blogging site.

The lady identified as Tumisangmo revealed that her son will be turning 2 soon but his father has never met him nor made any move to do so.

Her post reads ;

“My son is turning two next month…bathong his dad has never seen him, Don’t have sex with people from Twitter.”

She added in a rejoinder tweet ;

Marvins side of the story must be the one where I have to call him every month asking him to buy his son nappies and milk and being a step father to his girlfriends kids than his own child. There’s a lot to be said about that guy but I don’t care anymore. I am no longer touched

Am raising my son very well without him around. His not the first man to do such and certainly not the last. We move

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