Facebook user, Uju Patricia who shared this mystical story of how a middle aged woman in a village in Anambra state was caught by villagers while allegedly attempting to bury charms in her neighbour’s compound.

When the shocked villagers searched the woman’s house, fetish items including ‘a goat that shed tears like a human being‘, another pregnant goat and many diabolical charms were reportedly found in her house.

Below is how Uju Patricia described the sordid event:

“She went to bury charm behind one ofieli family just behind her house and she was caught live and dey went to her house and found a goat that was shedding tears like a human being, according to her many charm was found in her house and a two month old pregnant goat that the chest was open were she also prepare her charms”.






  1. The rate in which God is exposing witches and wizards is so wonderful, the next one am expecting is the witch that killed my mum, and those ones that said we will not enjoy our lives.. Am waiting oo God pls expose them!!!

  2. Evil ppl dey will not die and let gud ppl be serves her right, worst will come upon her and those in my family if dey don’t repent and accept Jesus Christ as der personal Lord and saviour.(AMEN)

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