Amidst the ongoing protest against police brutality and extra judicial killings in different parts of Nigeria, a woman reportedly forgot her child at the #EndSARS protest venue in Abuja.

It was learnt that when the woman was contacted by the medical team to come pick up her child, she told team to still keep the baby as she wouldn’t be able to come for her until the next day.

A Twitter user, @MrOdanz sharing the story, expressed his surprise at why a mother would leave her child with strangers.

He tweeted,

A woman abandoned her little girl with the medical team at the Abuja protest today and disappeared. The team was finally able to reach her by phone so she can come pick up her “missing” girl. She said she will pick up her daughter tomorrow. Strangers can keep her for the night.

Update: She finally came to pick up the baby after they swore for her. Because that is a weyrey behaviour. This woman left that girl for hours. I was there when she was first picked and she was with the medical team for hours. They were even using the ambulance to make announcements.



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