Woman healed

A Nigerian woman based in Kaduna, identified as Bavoshiya Gloria Nyan, has taken to Facebook to share her testimony after surviving multiple cancers.

Woman healed

She suffered from breast cancer, intestinal cancer, liver cancer, and stomach cancer, and doctors had already given up hope after trying their best to cure her. She was eventually told to go home and prepare for death.

She said when she got home, she started preparing for her death and bought the outfit she wanted to be buried in. According to her, she doesn’t like the conventional white gown so she opted for a dress she really liked, even though some of her loved ones complained about her choice.

Ms Gloria however noted that she didn’t wanted to die because she has a little girl whom she desperately wants to watch grow. On the other hand, she had already lived for 4 years beyond the time doctors gave her to live, so she resolved to prepare for death.

Woman healed

Fortunately, a hospital in Dubai reached out to her and told her of a new treatment plan they could try on her, so she obliged their request and flew to Dubai.

She said she came back from Dubai with a heart full of gratitude. And at the time, a priest she had told to bury her was having his priestly anniversary, and she decided to attend in the same dress she had told him to bury her in.

Ms Gloria who has been documenting her cancer survival journey on Facebook, “I thought to myself, what better dress will I wear than the one dress that I asked him to bury me in.”

She said she has been healed of all cancers, but the battle is not over as she still has a brain tumor, bad lungs, and a bad heart but she believes God will perfect her healing.

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