A beautiful woman who took to social media to share the outcome of her toe-shortening surgery has revealed she is now being mocked by trolls.

The young woman, identified as Athena, had long toes, but she hated them so much that she decided to have cosmetic surgery to shorten them.

Arthena, who claimed her long toes made her feel less confident about herself, went for toe shortening surgery in Miami in November 2022.

“My toes were a big insecurity for me, especially when I wore heels. It wasn’t cute, so I found the solution and took the chance.” She said.

Showing off the before and after pictures on her TikTok account, Athena thanked her surgeon for the perfect job.

However, the majority of her followers were not impressed by the outcome, and they mocked her.

“Now you got Gremlin feet. This HAS TO BE A JOKE.” A follower wrote.

“They [the toes] looked better before. They balanced out your wide feet. Now it just looks like [you have] cavemen feet”, another added.

Despite the criticisms she’s received, Athena says the procedure is “the best thing she’s ever done.”

Her words,

“My toes were a big insecurity for me for as long as I could remember. So I decided to gift myself this Christmas some new toes. I’m so happy with the results. Best decision I could have taken.”

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