Woman refuses

An elderly woman has refused to release her grandchild to the mother who abandoned him seven years ago and has now returned to seek custody.

The incident took place in a community in Abeokuta, Ogun state. It was gathered that the boy is the child of the woman’s deceased son.

Speaking in a video making rounds online, the woman revealed that seven years ago, her son’s wife told her she wanted to buy something and it was the last time she saw her, leaving her baby behind.

 Woman refuses

After seven years of singlehandedly raising the boy, his biological mother has just returned and wants to take him away.

The grandmother stated that she would not release the boy because he is the only family she has left, as she has lost her son and husband to the cold hands of death.

She also revealed that her grandson’s mother has remarried and has only come to claim her child because she was unable to conceive for her new husband.

 Woman refuses

Giving her own account, the biological mother stated that she disappeared because she needed to hustle and didn’t want to die of hunger in her mother-in-law’s house.

She claimed she saw an opportunity to travel abroad in search of a better life, and took it. However, she is now married and wants to take custody of her son.

She also asked the grandmother to reveal the exact amount she has spent on the child’s care and education so that she could settle her and take her child, but the grandmother refused.

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