A Philippines woman identified as Shanel Guiterrez, has recounted the terrifying moment she claims she saw the soul of a man leave his body as he drowned in a river.

According to Guiterrez, she saw the man’s spirit emerge and walk over the water in the Philippines on Saturday, November 21st.

The deceased man who Guiterrez claimed she saw his soul leave his body has been identified as Dondon, and he reportedly drowned at the quarry site while trying to save a stray dog.

It was gathered that he was able to push the animal to safety but continued to slip into the deeper part of the water while doing so and drowned before he could make his way out of the river.

His colleague raised the alarm when he noticed he had been gone for a while, a rescue team was called to save him and onlooker claimed the white spirit emerged from the water.

The Philippine woman has now released footage of the Dondon’s spirit, which filmed on her phone at the Davao del Norte province, and insisted that she didn’t edit the video.

In her words,

“It was very creepy because I did not expect to capture that thing on my phone. I know it was his ghost. It gave me goosebumps when I watched it.

“It has upset the family of the man. They are so upset. I recorded the people trying to save him and I didn’t expect to see that.

“When I played it back, I caught something like a spirit walking on the water. It had the shape of a man.” She added.

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