Facebook user, Akwaugo Precious NG Agu, who shared the story, claims that the woman in the photo above used hot iron and water on her 10-year-old maid.

Although she didn’t reveal what the maid did… what she wrote below:


This fair beautiful and elegant lady is called madam GOLD in BBA tradefair market Lagos…just imagine how she use hot iron, to iron this this 10years old girl’s body instead of ironing dresses , the poor little girl is her house help and sales girl at the same time 😔 as if that wasn’t enough for her she still boiled hot water and pour on her…. What a wicked world we live in…. Beautiful, elegant lady my foot, what makes you beautiful when you have a devilish heart ✋
I don’t blame you but rather I blame poverty, because poverty is the only thing that would make this girl’s mother to allow her daughter come to your house to serve you as a maid😤 I bet you wouldn’t do this to your own child
If I am federal government, I will send you to live imprisonment with hard labour…..your meals with only be unselected and half done beans without water 😴 madam Gold gbakwa oku… Mtchw”



  1. What do u expect from someone like her, I will still say it I don’t blame them if dey don’t c children to use as house maid will she c a child to pour hot water on,plz stop giving your children out to heartless women to abuse and damage their body and future for Christ sake if u don’t have money to train her let he or she manage with you pending when God will bless you please and please stop all this Child Abuse.have seen too much suffering from children and is just heartbreaking

  2. Woman with wick maid one she can not Cook or wash ptant or wash clothes when she need girl to help her she will speak as a good person getting here she will use the child the way she like that is why many couldn’t have a children they will said is wicht or my papa or mama and god will punish them for that

  3. My God y is it that some ladies are very heartless, but I still blame her parents why can’t u give birth to children u can take care of,, cos I know that if that child is ours, she can’t let fly touch her,feel so sorry for the innocent child

  4. How would someone employ a 10 year old girl, she doesn’t even know how to wash her own pant properly. I feel sorry for that innocent girl, may the lord see what she’s realy going through. Hope one day God will full fill her dreams

  5. Devil incarnate!!!! Poor girl, God will avenge for u. She lack home training because saying she isn’t Godfearing is an overstatement. Go there, she can’t even pick up a pin in her home. Maid over everything n the only way to pay her back is to disfigure her. God is not mocked, whatever a man sows that he shall reap. Beautiful nonsense.

  6. see i dey vex make dey Neked the Lady stretch her legs boil hot water dey pore am for her bom bom after that use hot iron keep it untop the lady bom bom for six hours one part for six hours I DEY COM MAKE I ASK YABALEFTONLINE.COM the next news

  7. Wicked world,After treating an house maid this way …you will expect her to take care of your kids for you at your absence… forget it…she will slaughter them and put them in your freezer…. They’re the heartless Ogas that Make all this maid to be heartless too….Haba…iya Omo teddy bear….

  8. I swear if is my child I will comit murder and go to prison.this is one of the reasons I keep on telling mothers to learn how to stay with their children ,in riches and in poor conditions ,because if you can eat half cocoyam your children can also eat.this is rediculous

  9. Shit like this happens when u marry a lazy woman, can she do dis to an adult maid? when u see woman wey her face rough like puff puff like dis one u go no her mind. I knw dem. according to ladies slang pls don’t judge her

  10. This world spoilt from d day woman was given to man. Am a woman but am disappointed wt womenfolk. A woman who has passed through pains of labour doing this to another woman’s child? That is enough to tell you that 90% of women are devil’s representatives. This type of woman can kill her husband at d slightest provocation.

  11. I don’t no y some women ar dis heartless for getting dat d way u push dat ur child u take as gold is d way another person did hers is it bcos tings ar not too well with dem dats y u see her as a trash for getting dat tomorrow is pregnant she can turn to b one of d ppl dat matters in d country an u now will b begging to see her. Wht a wicked world

  12. What!!! Oh God of d poor people see what ur child is passing through send ur healing hands upon her, My daughter it is well with u. And for U dis wicked Woman u will not see peace in ur life what u did to dis innocent child @ Sha I will not wish ur Kids bad bcos dey are innocent too but u will one day regret it in ur life unless u ask God for forgiveness

  13. Oh my Goodness what kind of nonsense is this? What is this world turning into? My dear wiped your tears because wicked ones shall never go unpunished, God will be your strength all the days of your life you will brought light into your family no matter the circumstances.

  14. This is d exact reason y house help get initiated into witchcraft just to gain d power to molest n oppress u spiritually so I say to u always treat ur house help d way u treat ur children cos no one knows tomorrow

  15. May God provide for parents so that they can take care of their children, most of these housemaids comes as a result of parents poor output, such cases is rampant mostly now that things are hard,wicked rich women are fond of torturing house help

  16. Child abuse,,,, to be frank that is an under age girl to be employ as a made d woman should be arrested for child abuse and for using and under age girl as a maid,, in ma hood that woman will b brutalise by mob then arrested and also sentence to at least 15yrs in jail and her husband if really she has one he should b arrested for allowing such an uncalled,rude and pathetic treatment from his wife,,,, lastly fuck her and her husby

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  18. God have mercy on her ,am not sure she has a kid yet, instead of her treating the girl well so God can answer her prayers quickly,she dey maltreat her.when she enter labor room once she will understand the way to treat any child that comes her way .ewuu

  19. I know some housemaids are so annoying, but it not up to a human being to treat the maid like this, it is pure wickedness. If they were opportuned to be independent they won’t bother being a house help. #House Wives pls stop child abuse.

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  21. She needs to be jailed, even though na one night.. Make them beat am small for cell. You forgot when you were begging for that kid to come live with you. See her face, stupid, nonsense, wicked woman. Make I go eat before I vex pass like this… Rubbish

  22. Ha. Women women????????? lets becareful on how we treat people’s child. Women women no born more than you n husband can take care. If not your children will be taken into semi slavery n slave trade in your own village or in one town. Hmmmm beware be warn.

  23. Wickedness of Woman…. If she is ur child will you treat her with this harsh punishment..God forgive u.later you will start praying for God to give u children when you have not treated the one in ur care fairly… God punish this lady.

  24. Mmmm just hate this WORLD I swear. All this people that claimed that they have money, they only regard their own children as IMAgE of God but look at the poor once as ImAgE of Satan. Colonization might have come and gone, but black men are now Colonizing themselves. What a world.

  25. The lady in question has two children for two different men she is not married at all maybe That is y she got the heart in doing this to this poor girl because of a stolen fone in her shop God have mercy she deserves to be treated the way she molested the girl and be stoned to death

  26. To bad madam I know they can be annoying sometimes, but instead of doing this to her u should have sent her back to her parents. Tomorrow is pregnant u never can tell if this girl will be in position to help u or ur children tomorrow.

  27. i know dat one day dis madam gold will meet her water loo, i know dis girl shes patricia by name, n dis madam gold owns a shop in trade fair, live in festac, madam gold n her sista do go to north n carry dis girls ,promising their parent dat dey will put dem in sch, wen dey bring dem to lag dey wont put dem in sch, dey maltreat dis girls, beat dem black n blue,starve dem, no good cloth, n each time dis girls parent call ,she n her sista will lie dat dey re doing fine, n wen dis girls want to talk, she will treaten dem, madam gold is wicked, my fellow iboist pls lets join hands n contact d police, dis girls sista is wit madam gold sista wicked like her too, only God knows hw she is nw

  28. I dont knw y sum human being re vry wicked that they go to d xtent of doin dis kind of tin to a child bcos she is not ur child biologically nd u re there pampering ur own children,God will continue to xpose u all

  29. Some people are heartless to the extent that the act without using their conscience, her action shows that she doesn’t care of that girls future cause if she had that in mind she wouldn’t have treat that innocent girl in that manner…

  30. I hear saying housemaids are dis and dat, pls if d Maid does not meet ur demand y not take rout dat brought? (take her back) to the parent instead of giving her such indelible mark. Pls where is prison for dis woman?

  31. There is this Igbo saying that anyone doing good is doing it for him or herself likewise to anyone that is doing bad. The holy scripture went further to say that whatsoever a man (or woman) sow, that he or she will reap. Very soon, you will reap the reward of this evil that you have done to this poor girl.

  32. Devil in human form, nemesis will surely catch up with her, sooner or later… This kind of woman, the house help dares scold the children talkless of beating them… Shame on you woman, your sin has found you out, who knows how many house helps you must punished so badly before you just exposed

  33. I can’t really tell what this world is turning into, imagine an innocent girl what a stupid and hopeless woman did to her because of an in relevant thing, well bear it in mind that whatever that’s goes around also comes around maid will do every thing for u even feed and defecate for u a girl of 10years old, if she is ur daughter will u do it…..

  34. What kind of animal is she that she will beat her maid blue black………if they should maltreat her children that way will she like it? She has no feeling for human life and she forget that she is another person’s child……she must be sentenced to life Imprisonment

  35. I don’t tink u have gone tru d pains of child’s bearing or d pains of carrying a baby for up to nine good months. God will judge all of u dat treats another woman’s child badly, with out having d fear of God in u.

  36. Nor b only who dey fly b winch. Some pepo ar worse dan witches. Dis type born? Later if deir children start to wicked dem them go dey catch winch 4 wer e nor dey. They wnt remember these wicked acts of diers. Na wa o. End time madams.

  37. Anger, uncontrollable temper,these kids can drive one to who you are not.and were you do not want to be. Living without them is the solution.what a temptation.
    I got a girl one time who before you return will give out all including a dished bowl of soup.oil,garri,wrist watch,kids wears then deny.I had to send her away.when they do funny things, just return them and have peace.

  38. There is GOD ooo.what if you die and other people will start maltreating your own children because they used to see how you treat your maid.maids are human being not animals. If i have power in this country.any anty that do such inhuman act to her maid must be paid with her own coin.if you pour hot water on your maid ,hot water will be poured on you. If you use iron, use razor, starve them such must be done to you fine because you need to suffer. I heard about a woman who lit maid on fire.I’ve seen a woman that used to send her 11 years old maid on an errand around 11 or 12 o’clock in midnight

  39. I just want d woman to kno that GOD can easily torn his back on her children’s bcos her daughter will not b wit her 4 ever, she will suffer and her daughter will suffer too. On less she will repent .

  40. It takes a wicked heart to do such to a human not to talk of a 10 years old, though some of them are mischievous, why not cane her if she has done something wrong like you would for your child, as for me even if na Garry me and my children will drink it than giving out my child, neither will I give my children out not even for holiday, which I have seen some that went on holiday and never ( died) returned, parents be warned.

  41. Too bad even a slave can’t be treated like dis madam u are a devil in human form with ur good look ur mind is dirty let d law commence pls government shouldn’t let dis issue to died off dis like oo cox poor girl head alone is anoff to send her nd her house hold into beggars @d end habaa animals self deserve some respect dooo.

  42. I am waiting to see the outcome of this. I hope she will be paid in her own coins? Now she will shading crocodile tears, saying it was the devil! Shame shame shame to u madam whoever u say u are. U are a total disgrace to motherhood!

  43. I once saw a woman that beat up her maid of ten years to the extent d girl started bleeding through mouth and nose while pregnant and but today she’s overprotective of her child… People are very heartless, May God bless every woman to train her own child herself.

  44. If only she knows the value of God given children she wouldn’t have been this hrtles. Dia is a song that goes this way. “What so ever you do to the means of my brothers thou will do unto u”.

  45. Hei,Franca y,Patricia is just a kid ,u should have taken her home if you are not pleaded wt her,I can’t hide my feelings this is barbaric,it could happen to your child,too bad I can’t believe this

  46. look at she is balanced on d chair she is seated, feeling as if she is on her right…… madam make I tell u Wetin u no knw….. na Wetin u sow u go reap ooo bcos u no fit plant corn cum get beans…. na foundation u dy lay 4 ur children so oooo…… No vex Wen sumbody else treat ur child 2morow

  47. Beauty without brains…Idiot u will just die like a dog…how can you do this as if you created her…!! Couldn’t you just tell her to move out?? Your corpse will not be worth even a dog!!


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