A woman said to be a victim of domestic abuse has died after she was allegedly battered by her husband.

According to the Twitter user @biraphil, who relayed the story on the micro-blogging platform, the woman was rushed to the hospital after she was severely beaten by her husband, but unfortunately she didn’t survive.

He said he was in the hospital to see his mum when he ran into the husband wailing after he was informed of his wife’s passing.

He claimed he got to know of the cause of the woman’s death after the man’s sister stated that he refused to listen when he was repeatedly warned to stop beating his wife.

He said doctors disclosed that the woman died of internal bleeding in the skull.

“So I’m at the hospital right now and this lady just died. She died due to series of beatings by her husband. Guess what? He’s lying on the ground weeping profusely. His sister is here with him and she’s saying in Yoruba language

“Nigbati won n so fun yin wipe ki e ye lu, se E gbo?” Translated loosely to mean, when they told you to stop beating her, did you hear? Shocking part is, the husband appears to be in his mid sixties. Haa!

“I came here cos of my mum but seeing this one is making me boil inside. I would never have imagined that an elderly man like this can still beat his wife and the bating would result to deathπŸ’”πŸ’”. The lady had internal blessings in her skull, definitely from an impact. They’re asking the man if he hit her with a stone but he’s saying it was a blow he gave her.” His tweet read.

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