betty irabor submission

Nigerian Publisher, Betty Irabor has weighed in on the submission in Marriage debate.

betty irabor submission

Taking to her Twitter account, she opined that no woman will ever submit to a man who thinks his wife owes him submission.

betty irabor submission

The Nigerian author who has been married for over 30 years, added that submission will always come naturally to a responsible husband who takes care of his wife.

Her Tweet reads,

“I have read a lot about “wives submitting to their husbands” and the counter arguments..Truth is, submitting to a “na man u bi” kind of guy; who cares for u & also “submits” to u comes naturally. No woman will ever SUBMIT to a bully who thinks his wife OWES him submission.”

She shared a screenshot of the tweet on her Instagram page to get public opinion on the matter and some people have given a different perspective to it.

Instagram user with username @yusuf_writes had this to say,

“They say respect is reciprocal. But not everyone knows how to reciprocate it. Some take you for a fool. I have heard a lot of women say “I need a man that can handle me.” Such women see submissive men as weak. A friend of mine separated from his wife because “he was too good.” She cheated on him because he was too submissive. That’s what she tells people today. Her husband always agreed with everything she said and she got fed up. She said she needed a real man. The guy says he has learnt his lesson and he isn’t going to be a nice guy anymore. I know of several cases like that. In this season’s big brother, we saw Ozo’s behavior in the house. He used to cook for Nengi. And yesterday, Neo was trending for washing Vee’s panties. Many people, including women called them names. There are many men like Ozo and Neo out there. But in our society, they are called mumu. We hear different rules everyday. Today some ladies talk about how it is romantic to open doors for women and pull the chair for them. Tomorrow another lady would say doing that is wrong because it makes women look weak. Honestly, a lot of young men are confused in regards to women and are asking: what do women really want? I’m not confused though ?”

@sisinerd wrote,

“I totally agree with you on submitting coming naturally to you when the man is loving, but it’s only a command in the Bible because God expects us to submit whether or not the husband sets the pace with loving. God was so wise to give the command to the husband to love first, before issuing the command to the wife to submit; because he knew love from the husband will beget submission from the wife.”

@osa_osaz wrote,

“Exactly. Unfortunately some men have failed to realize that submission from a woman comes with a reciprocal obligation from the man as provided in Ephesians 5:22-33”

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