Photos of a woman who tattooed edges to her forehead is currently serving rounds online and stirred reactions from social media users.

Baby hair styling has become a popular fashion trend among women, it can add a more elegant or dramatic twist to any style depending on how much hair is left out and laid to a desired pattern.

It’s usually achieved using edge control , however, a woman took hers to a whole new level as she tattoos the bay hairs to her forehead for a permanent look.

See photos below,

Reacting to the photos, netizens averred that the woman will regret getting the tattoos, as baby hairs are a fashion trend that might soon go out of fashion. See some comments below,

@kiki__famous, “She’s tired of drawing them with edge control 😂😂😂😂😂”.

@icecreamandchocolates111, “Black baby hair with brown locks……the tattoo artist and her friends that said it was a good idea are all evil………she would so regret it in weeks 😂😂😂”.

@donfaszy, “Is she married#her husband approved this#she go regret am###she wil go tattoo cancel in it”.

@bexere, “Permanent fix for a temporary fad?! Same as BBL, it’s just a fashion trend that will go away and you’ll be left looking stupid when the next big trend comes along 😂”.

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