Shocking pictures have emerged of a woman taking a woman for a walk on a dog leash in China.


The unidentified man was crawling on the ground like a dog while the woman dragged him along.

The woman is said to have patted the man on the head at a point.


The incident attracted a lot of people, leading to a traffic jam.

The police are said to have arrived at the scene and persuaded the woman to untie the rope and free the man.

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  1. Dont mind YabaleftonLine jare,I think dats d woman son,mayb he.has sm problems n dats wht d woman can do to d boy to follow d woman,n Yabaleftonline saw it says woman turnd boyfrnd to dog,,hmmm n if dats d case it can only happend else whr nt in my country cos our men here no fit fall n crawl like a dog nt even for luv or for trillions,I trust our men o

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