Aunty Genevieve is not bothered about the Leaked Information of her secret marriage plans to Ugochukwu Udezue, a wealthy NBA basketball agent based in Denver Colorado.

She is up and about. The movie star and mother of one looks pretty in these dewy make up photos by D’Artiste by Dodo.

See the Photos below:




  1. And life must go on no matter what….Even if she is bothered she has always been a strong lady and will continue to be that way…..Who knows what would have happened if she ended up marrying that man…..Every disappointment is always a BLESSING…….

    • Hmmmm. Put ursf in d man shoe na? Which sensible man will marry a woman secretly without her parents and relatives presence? And she was insisting to ve a coded wedding? Definitely she still want to be messing around and be chopping other men moni. Its lik you didn’t know how rich d guy is? How is it his loss? If aunty gene really wanted to marry truly she would ve allowed d man come to Nigeria first and do traditional wedding then d white wedding can be anywhere

    • So y will she only invite her friends alone and no one is giving her up for d marriage wey her papa still dey alive? The nx tin she will file for divorce collect d man money and property. If u were d man what will you think about such woman?

  2. Why should she bothered while billions of guys r begging to marry her. Yabaleft, is like your people have some thing in mind against her cos d way you people always write about her is so annoying. Nonsense

  3. Time shall come when being single lady or single mother will be part of life. Before they use to kill twins but nowadays we welcome twins with love and happiness. I still believe that it will come to pass when a young lady will decided not to get married and everybody will be happy with her with abusing her one way or the other. My name is June. Quote me..

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