A man has taken to social media to give a breakdown of what he terms ‘Sexual Market Value‘ as it relates to both men and women.

In a lengthy piece, the man known as Sir Dickson berated women over 30 years of age who often condemn men their age for going after younger women.

According to him, women usually say they do not need men and men are overrated yet half the prayers in church are prayers of women looking for husbands.

Dickson further explained that when women in their 30s find it difficult to get into relationships that end in marriage, they start accusing men who are within marriageable age of being predatory by going for younger women.

He wrote;

‘‘Sexual Market Value – SMV

I know many of you must have heard of the SMV before but some people still find it hard to grasp so I will make it as easily understandable and Nigerianly relatable as possible before comparing it with the West.

Firstly, I did like to appreciate the women who posted beautiful pictures of themselves and those who argued about still being sexy in their 30s. SMV decline does not mean you are not sexy, it means your sexiness is not as valuable as it was for marital reasons – for sex? sure.

Lets go to the root cause of the problem – women thinking they are men. Men are success object and women are sexual object. Men will always be judged by their ability to provide and for women, they sexual attraction is first point of assessment.

If she is young, it makes it a big advantage because of biology – fertility and natural sense of submissiveness to older romantic figure.

It is not surprising the desperate pace at which thirst traps and sultry pictures for validation has clouded social media relations.

You hear women say your 20s are for living because though they won’t admit it, they are conscious of the wall. In their peak, they have unlimited options of prime male – thanks to sexual attraction, age, fertility, availability and others personal to you.

This explains why many won’t date their mates and brag they don’t date boys but men. Good enough, many marry (and still have a career).

Their male age mates who were still finding their feet are now fully blossomed both physically and financially. These men saw their mates leave them for mature guys with whom they could not compete. Uni guys can attest to working class guys picking up their babes on Fridays.

As these guys hit their 30s, power changes hand naturally and they now have unlimited options between young ladies and their unmarried mates. We know who have the advantages?
What do women in their 30s/women who plan not to marry till their 30s for career/wild oats reasons, do?

They try manipulative games of calling you a predator for overlooking them in their winter season for younger ladies in their prime. They flaunt their career and sometimes, money and claim men are afraid of strong, independent women.

These are just shalaye. Note that many of their friends are married and even have kids and career. This is not to shame women nor does it in anyway intend to mock those who genuinely seek matrimony but have been unlucky. I’m just making plain upon tables, age old knowledge.

Men mostly don’t care about your career. That is your personal problem. You are the one who made a choice to chase career at the expense of marriage. You can’t police men to marry you just because you think you are now ready to settle down.

Your options are now limited to older guys who are still unmarried, divorcee, single dads or polygamists except you can date down. There is really no problem is you choose to chase career or hoe away or whatever. Just accept the consequences of the choices when the wall hits.

Social media creates delusions and delusions are comforting. Women claim they don’t need men and men overrate their importance. Yet, half the prayers in church are prayers for husbands. The only gender that testifies about getting married are women.

The gender that demands respect from their single friends for being married are women. The one who loudly shut down social media with engagement, traditional and white wedding are women.
For those who love to say a woman is not defined or limited by marriage, please relax.

Marriage is important to everybody -male or female and family is the most important core of humanity. Enough of the self deceit. Career is good. It is not the ultimate.

When a woman hits 30, family gets worried and even she gets mad and anxious when her partner hasn’t proposed.

When a woman is dumped in her 30s, she cries that age is no longer on her side and female commenters start wishing the guy unimaginable evil. To get the true thoughts of their hearts, look at their reactions to intimate affairs of 30+ women – whether bliss or heartbreak.

In their 30s, they tend to tolerate shit they ordinary may not tolerate in their 20s because – “where do I start from.” Women are more eager to accept ring 2 weeks after the first meeting in their 30s out of desperation but call it “knowing what I want” to control the narrative.

They also praise the man as serious for knowing what he wants. LOOOL. It is just an euphemism for “Thank God it is happening.”

Ignore the bullshit of 30+ women understanding men more than younger women. 30+ women are the most vulnerable of all women – Easy peasy.

The biggest problem women have is not accepting the sexual values they had in their 20s has dropped. The sexual market value of a woman is determined by men unless she is gay.
As age goes up, demand drops and so does the SMV.

In their 30s they want the best of men – who are also in their 30s and now hold all the cards. He’s young enough to retain his physique in better part and old enough to have attained social and professional maturity.

Nothing is more threatening, yet simultaneously attractive to a woman that a man who is aware of his own value to women. – Rollo Tomassi

Women don’t want you to see your value even in your prime because your knowledge of that is threatening.

Thus, women have their prime and men have their prime. Life creates its own balance and it is up to you to leverage on your prime for personal goals.

What is not okay is broke shaming the poor/broke men or bodyshaming/marriage shaming the older women.

Western values are different. The women over there don’t mind dating younger men. The system is one that works so you don’t need to be rich to live a good life. Here, men are under pressure to excel financially and most men find their feet in the 30s. Know your environment

It is only naturally for these men in their prime to prefer younger women, who happen to be in their prime too. Biology is real -whether you accept it or not is irrelevant. I won’t push it.

Would the women date younger men still possibly finding their feet? Pride says NO
Secondly, he just might use you for sexual satisfaction. . SMV doesn’t mean you are not sexy. In fact, there are many sexy 30+ women but marital value in the eyes of their peers has fallen.

Thirdly, your folks may not be glad you are with a younger guy but would be grateful you found somebody at least. His folks knows he is the catch and may not allow their son marry someone past her prime for biological reasons – when he has unlimited option for the next 20 years.

There will always be option of unmarried oldies, single fathers, polygamists, age mates unaware of their SMV or possibly the guy who just loves you – Life happens.

I will stop here so as not to digress or unnecessary make it longer than necessary.

Once again, this thread was not written to offend. I come in peace.

Love, Peace and Spaghetti Victory”

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