Nigerian clergyman, David Adeoye has queried why women are made to feel solely responsible for infertility in marriages.

Adeoye, while preaching during a recent sermon in his church, questioned why only women come out in church for fertility prayers.

He then inquired as to whether infertility is a condition that exclusively affects women.

“When we make alter call for fruit of the womb only men come out where are the men. Does it not take a man to impregnate a woman. Are we saying its only the women that has infertility problems?” He asked.

Watch him speak below,

In relates news, a Nigerian man, Arinze Uzoagu, who recently became a father after six years of waiting, has said it’s a man’s duty to protect his wife from social pressure and the stigma of infertility.

Uzoagu and his wife, Chinaza Blessing, welcomed quadruplets, three girls and a boy, in early April, 2022, after six years of waiting.

Taking to his Facebook page to advise couples still trusting God for the fruit of the womb, he urged women to always strive to make their home a peaceful environment and not let frustrations as a result of infertility turn them into wrecks.

He noted that infertility is a big enough problem for a person or couple going through it, and they do not need further pressure from family and friends.

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