Popular Nigerian Disk Jockey, DJ Big N, has said that women who weaponize sexual abuse should be given the same treatment as actual abusers.

According to him, a friend almost served time in the UK after a lady whom he had sex with lied that he raped her.

His post reads ;

While i strongly stand against RAPE…

Women who weaponise rape should be given the same treatment as Actual Rapists.

They both take something from someone they can never get back again.

It is downright despicable. Too many brothers serving time because of some ladies.

Had a friend who almost served time in the UK.

Why did the girl call police and say he raped her??

Because after they had sex, he went to the toilet to call his main chick. I know that might hurt, but unfortunately it’s not illegal. It might be irrational or immoral. 2021, y’all women need to stop this.

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