Media personality, Shade Ladipo has taken to social media to warn Nigerians against buying skincare products from actresses.

Shade pointed out that people can’t go to a car mechanic when they have a heart problem, so it is not logical to go to actresses for skin-related issues as they are not professionals in that field.

According to her, some “skincare specialists” are combining harmful chemicals and selling it as organic soap and creams in Nigeria.

See her post below,

 Shade Ladipo asks Nigerians

In other news, Shade Ladipo recently weighed in on the debate about collecting gifts back from your partner after a break-up.

Shade who supports the idea of collecting gifts back after breakup, revealed that she is petty and has collected gifts back from an estranged lover, including an iPad and a laptop.

According to her, when she collects gifts back, it means the person didn’t spend so much on her and she did most of the giving in the relationship.

Taking to her Insta-stories, she wrote,

“I just realized I’m petty AF, I have collected gifts baccccckk. Collected ipad, collected laptop, almost collected phone but because of God .
I’m Mrs.Petty because guess what, if I collected my gifts back then it means that you didn’t buy as much or more so e means say na me spend pass, choi, I’m too smart”.

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