A Nigerian lady has sparked discussion on micro-blogging platform, Twitter, after she shared her thoughts on an engagement photo where the man kept long nails.

In the now-trending photo, a young man had proposed marriage to his girlfriend, and he got a “yes”. However, the length of the man’s finger nails, which appeared even longer than his fiancée’s acrylic nails, got people talking.

A Twitter user, @JasmineEsset, while reacting to the photo, said she would never agree to marry a man with such long nails.

Speaking further, Jasmine urged the men to trim their nails.

“Saw this picture somewhere and I am so irritated and disgusted. I would never agree to marry a man with this length of nails. TRIM. YOUR. DAMN. NAILS. MAN”. She wrote.

Jasmine’s take on the photo further stirred reactions from Twitter users who saw nothing wrong with the length of the man’s nails.

A tweep @SexyIrene6 wrote, “Ok. Unrealistic standards. Nails b clean regardless of length so man’s clean”.

@Boluomodudu, “It’s how they both have the same length of nails but one is natural and the other is false. And you’re disgusted at the natural one?”

@Aijay_Nwoye, “Lol… Get a man first. All this gra gra go stop”.

@Anarii6, “It’s how you think your opinion matters for me… Someone else man and you’re saying you’re irritated and disgusted 😂😂😂”.

See Jasmine’s post below,

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