A Kuwaiti nursery school pupil has taken end-of-year gifts to the next level after gifting her favourite teacher with a brand new luxury Mercedes.

Noor Al Faris, aged around five, wanted to thank her teacher for helping her ‘graduate’ from kindergarten in Kuwait this week, Mailonline reports.

Little Miss Al Faris is pictured sitting on the bonnet of the car, which has;

‘This car is for my favourite teacher Nadia’ written in Arabic on the windscreen.

Noor said she gave Nadia the car because she wanted to express her gratitude towards her teacher after she graduated from her local nursery.

But according to local media, it was in fact Noor’s appreciative father, not named, who bought the present for Nadia after the teacher helped his child recover from losing her mother.

The widower told local reporters that she had a key role in helping his child develop and had had a positive impact on Noor following her mother’s death.

The exact price and specifications of the car were not revealed although local media suggested it was an expensive model.

It was also not reported where in Kuwait the event took place.



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