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Trolls! Trolls! Trolls!!

Ever since the picture above touched down the internet, users and critics have been trolling Sunday Orisaguna, calling him names like ‘house husband’, ‘nanny’ and ‘woman wrapper’.

Someone even went as far as making a meme out of the picture, see below:

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Yemi Alade thinks it is all rubbish and she doesn’t mince words in letting critics know this.

Below is what she said:

What rubbish is this? Is a woman’s place on d side carrying A child ? Did she nt carry the child for 9 months already,endure labour alone? So after all this ,the husband decides to ASSIST his wife and carry their child he Is referred to as a WIFE like it’s a thing of shame?? What I see is a modern family with normal day to day responsilities and a child to feed but have decided to NEVER GO BACK TO WHERE THEY ARE COMING FROM! PS ;
For any man to carry this kid the way he does she must b a REAL woman in his home

Shout out to the ominiknowest media trying to break this home!

Singer, Yemi Alade
Singer, Yemi Alade


  1. Am telling u most of dis people talking rubbish most of them don’t have work.jobless people, leave the husband and wife alone

  2. My problem is not that the man is carrying the baby,look how the little baby and the father are dressed like the wife’s sucess had no positive effect on them,atleast a nice dress and hairdo for the little baby,thats why the way he’s dressed coupled with him carrying the baby that is not well dressed make him look u kw na

  3. Hear dis! Those pipo out there criticizing d husbandman re d once who ve never tasted fatherhood and don’t know what fatherhood is al about! And 4give me diz words cos I hate criticism. Dat man is comin from som were,destiny has brot dem dis far u Shud rejoice wt dem or else u though I don’t no who made d critics statement it sounds like a joke but pray u don’t carry ur own child urself til u get old n ur hubby wil neva carry d child from/for u. Dis kind of pipo re d once dat dia husband,dat is if dey wil get a husband@all canot look @ dia face cos of altitude problem. In conclusion pls. Who ever made such statement retrived it or else it comes to u in a milion folds. God has blessed dem n so I see it. N if u curse dem God wil curse u. #bewise dat family is blessed no 1 Shud curse rada tap from d Grace of God upon dem. #tnk u my pipo.

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