On today’s episode of breakfast stories, a Nigerian man known as Tide has taken ton his social media page to reveal that his girlfriend asked for “break” on the first day of the new month of May.

According to the timestamp from the picture the young man shared, his girlfriend (now ex) sent him a message shortly after midnight that she wants to take a break because she needs him to focus on having a stable finance.

Photo for descriptive purpose

Her message reads;

“Sorry Tide, but we can’t continue with this. You need to be more stable with your finances. I’m a lady and I have my needs. Let’s take a break.”

Some reactions below;

Shola wrote;

I hope she disowned her father too, since she has needs and he isn’t stable with his finances either. Women are hypergamous in nature, the earlier you know this, the better for you.

NaturalBoifilmz wrote;

If a woman ever left you for not being able to provide, I’ll always blame the man. A woman should be a blessing in your life whether you’re still dating or married. As long as you’re doing your best loving her and working hard, if things don’t get better for u, leave her

Curtis wrote;

These girls now turning relationships into poverty alleviation centre, they want stable finance but their parents can’t even provide for them… better breakup now than too late

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