A young lady identified as Sotonye Green, has carried out her threat to expose a married man who has been disturbing her via her Facebook page.

According to Sotonye, the married man who has been trying to have sexual relations with her, called her bluff even after she had threatened to shame him by putting up his pictures and details of their conversation. She shared the post on her page with the following caption:

“Please this is to the wife of this man, he is harassing me with messages even after telling him i would put up our messages here. And now he is threatening me. His wife needs to know this is what he is doing in these hard times.”

See picture of the man below:


See screenshots below:






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  1. Tis sickening when men think all girls are cheap and are of the same material. Even if she sleeps around do you think you’re a qualified candidate to have a share in the national cake?

  2. That’s nonsense anyway. The man should have just stopped but guys how many of us are saint of this scenario. God have mercy on us all.

  3. lol some girls are stupide how does this stupide act save Nigeria nor solve my problèms stupide girl only God knows how many men you don fuck may be the man did not offer you good money

  4. The young lady can dress any how she likes if that’s what she is comfortable with it but if the dog can’t control itself then it should be chained. Even when you cover your self up with a hijab, once he is not in control nd use his manhood to think instead of using the brain, same thing will still happen.

  5. I don’t know why ladies hate each other so much. Why would you support what this shameless nd useless man did. What about her dressing?, nd so what. A dog will continue to be a dog even when you cover the whole of your body with hijab or a maxi gown. If other girls are like this girl, I don’t think some marriages will clash today, nd men will value there wives. There will be nothing like being unfaithful or committing adultery. Ladies support each other nd stop the hate please.

  6. The girl in question is a prostitute. Go to Allen avenue and you will find her there.
    You can see it from the way she dressed.

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