A young Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share her parents’ response to her request for an iPhone 8 as birthday gift.

In a video shared on TikTok, the lady was captured in a car with her parents as they expressed their displeasure about her request for an iPhone.

The father, said to be a pastor, was heard telling her to sell her body to raise money to buy herself an iPhone if that’s what she wants.

He repeatedly said he has not seen anything that shows that his future is secured with her and expressed gratitude that he has other children.

Lady shares

The angry father continued by stating that even students who have gained admission to study medicine haven’t asked for an iPhone, whereas she, who has not yet gained admission to study Yoruba, is making such a request. He urged her to quickly gain admission and leave his house.

He further claimed that most girls who use an iPhone are corrupt and his daughter, whom he said is ‘already corrupt more than corruption itself’, can also tow that lane.

In his defense, he said his daughter should have asked him to start saving money for her school fee and not ask for an iPhone.

The mother, who interjected with remarks, supported her husband and accused her daughter of constantly causing her ‘pain.’

Watch the video below,

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