While scrolling through the internet, I stumbled upon this and sure will tickle your fancy.

Of course, so many ladies will opt out of such jobs, probably because they see themselves as “SLAY QUEENS”. Obviously a “slay queen” cannot do such job.

This Lady named Ebiminor Preye is proud of what she does and has an advice for idle ladies.



Read what she wrote below:-

I want to address some ladies. I know I don’t have a bunch on my list, but if you are a lady then this is for you.

It’s not pride, I was telling a friend few days ago that I pity those who are not our friends now, because very soon they will struggle to get a glimpse of us.

Now, if you are a lady, girl and you are not doing anything. You just sit Changing DPs and PM,chatting with guys and you are above 20 please know that time is running out.

If you didn’t go to school, that’s a little bit worse but it’s not the end of life, Colonel Sanders was 62 when he founded KFC that shocked the world.

Who is that guy wasting your life? What have you placed value on? If you don’t place value on yourself, very soon that guy will dump you.

The only way to know you value yourself is not by wearing the most expensive pancakes with the money that a guy gave to you. It’s by taking responsibility and being responsible.

The truth of the matter is that, guys have become wiser over the years and will not want to spend the rest of their lives with a liability.

You are not doing anything, you have no skill. You say you are a sexy girl. Are there not sexy girls with brains? Or are you the only girl?

Take a decision right now, go out there and learn a skill, you can learn tailoring, hair-dressing, mechanic, make-up or learn what am doing now P.O.P.

Don’t let any guy intimidate you with his car. Develop yourself and very soon you will employ him as your driver.. Stop seeing cars, start seeing stars



  1. Majority of you girls are here praising her,its good and kind of you anyway. You girls should better learn how to be independent,instead of waiting for a rich guy to hookup with. This very lady has got brains and she’s is working for herself, that’s good.

  2. Hello adorable goddaughter, you are Excellent, Get an Office E-mail so people can reach you in your office but Don’t ever go looking for them, the quality & beauty of your hand work will bring them to your door steps, Amen

  3. That’s great, while some ladies are killing themselves over skills like this and mechanism, bricks laying, carpentry, driver etc, the guys are busy taken over Hair stylist, fashion design ing, pedicure & manicure, makeovers and gele etc. looking soft. Come on ladies we don’t have to stress much, we should be the helper God has made us to be. Well done o.

  4. “Employ Him as a Driver”?

    Why is it impossible for a lady to make it up there without making comments that sound a bit derogatory to the masculine gender?

    It’s not vice versa.. But a one way traffic thing.
    I’ve been observing this.
    Advice the ladies, encourage yourselves without attempting to make a man your driver.
    It’s not good. Change that mentality.

    Well, Am happy for her..
    I accept her positive comments and disregard the ones negative to my ear..
    I wish her success in her endeavor.

  5. Develop urself to the fullest..ba dnt think of employing any guy as ur driver…take off guys from ur mind totaly and do u best…Guys need money than u think u do…Guys are not ready to drive u for a peny…they would better drive a Taxi!…fr while,buy their own car and employ themselves as drivers of thier own cars…forget guys!Guys are Extra!..just do ur thing!

  6. Yes oh tell dem we can do our own shit and get our cars, just some months ago I bought a cup of flour and some stuff to make snacks coz I was bored, was like after skul dere z notn to do. Today I can shout out DAT dos fifty city naira I got rented me a shop. #proudme

  7. Keep it up an God will bless ur job…
    U r thousand better den does useless girls out they only too make up in d evening to look for men to sleep wit dem an gev dem money… Das y some of dem end up ritualist


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