A young Nigerian man has proposed marriage to his much older Oyinbo lover.

In the below photos, the young man is seen locking lips with the older woman after the proposal.

See photos below:

It seems nothing will stop some of us from getting that Green Card or visa. What’s love when you have the chance to leave Nigeria and reside in Europe or America?

In America, some male African-Americans get married to white women because it is a status symbol. For Nigerian men, it is just another way to make it to the promise land.

All is fair in love and visas.



  1. Nawa o does she really believe this is true love. The guy go scatter once he has stay. I do not blame him he is just trying to get his visa. She better not complain when he go leave her.. because it is obvious she is to old for him, she cannot give him kids and let’s be real he is a young man so most likely want children at some point.


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