The new uniform for Zambia’s Customs officers has sparked a mixture of outrage and laughter on social media.

The stripped blue uniform which was unveiled this week has left many Zambians ashamed of their country.

Many Africans, especially Zambians, are criticising the uniform and social media is filled with all kinds of comments ranging from downright anger to total laughter.

See below:


  1. Zambia you make me laugh at you, because what you wear as a police uniform is a laugherble thing ever happened in Africa. about the belt you are wearing, is the belt from school bag or what?
    Africans let be sophisticated not zebras!

  2. Common guys,don’t be so mean, look at them,they are happy with their new uniforms and proud to be seen too. While the rest of the world are thinking of how to develop their nations,we are knocking our heads with mundane issues. As we say in Nigeria…I hail o.

  3. it’s really good to update on some things but it’s will be wrong to do it on the other way round. the design is bad and oversized.abeg zambians sake body


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