Many young men love having Sugar Mummies for the fringe benefits they derive from the act, mostly financial and they usually have tactics used for wooing the older women.

Cougars are older women who are involved in s*xual relationships with men way younger than them. While the society may raise eyebrow at these women, they are basically women who have needs and wish to satiate their s*xual appetite.

In present times, cougars, known as “sugar mummies” in this part of the world, have become victims of young men who often swindle them. However, this has not stopped the existence of cougars as they are also know the signs to watch out for when picking their toy boys.

As much as people despise the idea of older women dating younger men, we also have to be considerate in our thoughts of them.

The fact that they are old does not mean they are s*xually inactive. As a matter of fact, most women become s*xually active after the age of forty.

And it is only normal for them to find ways of relieving themselves of the ache and s*xual tension that might have been built up in them. Cougars, although they have their demands, have certain things they look out for in their partners.

They have feelings that go beyond s*x sometimes and are always cautious of the men they go for.

In view of all these, there are certain things a young man could do that can get a cougar to be seduced.

Find some of these things below:

1. Demonstrating some sort of respect towards her

Women generally love to be respected; and considering the age of the woman you may be attracted to, it is impertinent that you accord her some respect.

Older women are conscious of their ages, they tend to tread softly. They hate to lose their self-respect in a bid to finding a partner. Showing them respect would make them endeared to a man overt time.

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