“Chairman! Boss! Oga mi! How far nah?!” – Here are 7 popular ways Nigerian millennials greet each other and we’re certain you can relate!

1. “Wetin dey sup?”

When I dey hustle, you dey lick Lollipop eh! Why you dey form Robocop… you know the rest…

2. “You just forgot about me abi?”

Errr, I could say the same about you, can’t I?

3. “See as you fresh. You dey enjoy oh.”

Na so!

4. “Nawa oh. So you can’t even call someone?”

Really?! Has your phone battery been dead all this while too?!

5. “My Oga I dey hail oh!”

This one that is meant for times when you need a favour… that person is your oga all of a sudden!

6. “You’ve added weight oh.”

This one that seems like a compliment but is lowkey an insult!

7. “Long Time oh.”

How many inches eh?!

Add yours in the comments!

excerpts from Z!koko



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