89 year old grandmum

The power of makeup shouldn’t be underestimated.

We stumbled upon mind-blowing photos of a grandmum that was totally transformed into a “Beauty Goddess” after a makeup job was done on her.

According to multiple reports on Social Media, the woman is an 89 year old woman.

See the Photos Below;


89 year old grandmum


89 year old grandmum

89 year old grandmum

The make-over was done by Alesha Mua on Facebook.. She shared the photos with the caption:

I am always up for a challenge….
I got a call to do a special delivery for this beautiful 89 year old grandmother all the way in the south…..
She said I want a purple lip to match my Kente cloth and we delivered
Love to all the grandmothers out there you also need some pampering….
I love my job 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Pls Let us show some love for this sweet granny who is still slaying in old age…
Happy Easter and keep those referrals coming 😘😘😘😘😘



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