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SupremeWeb Solutions has launched an online learning platform for Nigerians to bridge the information and skill gap.

Simply called AcadaWeb, the website offers you the opportunity to learn and acquire lucrative skills online or offline by requesting for the DVD Home Training Version of the courses delivered to your door step.

Experts of any kind can create courses which can be offered to the public for a tuition fee. AcadaWeb provides tools which enable experts to create a course and earn 60% from each sale of their courses.

With AcadaWEB you don’t need to enroll with any computer training outfit nor attend any seminar in order to acquire a new skill.

AcadaWEB saves you time, stress and money while you acquire professional skills for penny and learn at the comfort of your home/office.

Here are some of our lucrative step-by-step video courses you can start learning from wherever and whenever:


Web Consulting Course

Believe it or not there are thousands of web projects online and offline waiting to be executed. But then competent hands are lacking. Visit: http://acadaweb.com/vcourse.php?cid=45&int=1

– Mobile Marketing Business Course

The mobile opportunity is radically paying both newbies and experts on daily basis. What are you doing about it? Now is the best time to get into the niche and earn your percentage.
Visit: http://acadaweb.com/vcourse.php?cid=6&int=1

– Mobile App Development Video Training

Mobile app development is a very lucrative business. The Android Revolution is here and it is the Most Lucrative and Popular Smartphone Market in the World. It is Time you join the Big Names and Start Raking in Massive Profits been an Android App Developer. And that is what you get from this course!

Visit: http://acadaweb.com/vcourse.php?cid=13&int=1

– Digital Security Course (Car Tracking & CCTV Business Training)

You can Earn over N350,000 Monthly From CCTV Installation And Car Tracking Security Business
Without An Office And Little-cost Investment. The process has been made very easy for you.
Visit: http://acadaweb.com/vcourse.php?cid=16&int=1

– A-Z Blogging Course

If you are really looking for a business opportunity that will make you an exceptional passive income, then coded blogging is the way to go.

– Bags & Shoe making

– Belt, Book Cover Wrapping, Ear rings, Bangles and Tie making.

And many more courses. Check them out at: http://www.acadaweb.com

You can start learning at your own pace – anywhere, anytime and on any device.

So are you gonna be a student or an instructor?

Yes! You can be both.

Go to http://www.acadaweb.com to get started or call us on 08065096117 for further inquiry.

Benefit for instructors

– Instructors earn 60% from each sale of their courses.
– Instructors don’t need a website to start earning online.

Benefits for students

– Students have the opportunity to learn any skill at their own pace from proven experts through our professional courses.
– Students have the privilege to access high end courses at affordable prices.
– eBook courses are delivered immediately to students email box.
– Video training courses are delivered to students online or the DVD version are couriered to their door step.

All our courses are taught by experts in their respective field. And any course published in this platform is readily available to add value and improve your life.

Go to http://www.acadaweb.com to get started or call us on 08065096117 for further inquiry.

We also have some free courses for you. Claim them at http://www.acadaweb.com/free



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